Bulgarian Hospitals are accumulating debts from drugs, DANS should to examine which companies have huge obligations ordered the Prime Minister.

Hospitals borrow from drugs and severe cases, emergency patients without health insurance, showed "Pres" Eight million Leva are arrears of MMA and 4.5 million leva of them are on drugs. They are about three companies - "Sopharma", "Libra" and "Hygeia," said Chief of General Military Hospital, Stoyan Tonev. The companies do not crowd us with interest, but the debts of the smaller hospitals are likely to further increase the cost, he said. According to Tonev the problem can be solved if pharmaceutical companies offer discounts to the hospitals for the new supplies of medicines, as against that they will receive all debts  together.

In 2010, the Finance Minister Simeon Djankov has proposed the decrease by 7%. Borisov instructed the Minister of Health and the National Security Agency to refer to what these companies have huge liabilities. The same situation exists in other Sofia hospitals with large debts - "Pirogov" Alexandrovska and ISUL. Their main supplier of the pills is "Sopharma" to which the arrears are enormous. Accumulating liabilities and severe cases, as well as emergency patients without health insurance, explained the hospital.

Plovdiv at "St. George" 80% of the total 12.6 million leva overdue payments are for medicines and supplies. Five million leva obligations are only to "Sopharma". At the same time the institution fails to pay a large part of the cost of intensive care. Cash for emergency aid in Plovdiv Regional Hospital are cut in half, said her boss, Dr. Argir Argirov. He complained of insufficient financing and clinical pathways for severely ill.